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Because we are a professional learning company that believes the most effective and efficient way to elevate academic achievement is to develop learner ownership in each and every student. In other words, students must own their learning.

This is our approach at
Elevated Achievement Group
and we have a lot to offer educators…

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Our NEW Book: Developing Instructional Leadership

Creating a Culture of Ownership through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices

A comprehensive and functional no principal will want to be without

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Podcast: Developing Student Ownership

Listen to TL Talk Radio's interview with Bob Crowe and Jane Kennedy as they discuss the critical features of developing student ownership and why it is imperative for our students.

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Our Support for Learning at Home

We provide carefully designed resources for teachers, students, and families to ensure that student learning continues from school to home.

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Our Book: Developing Student Ownership

Supporting Students to Own Their Learning Through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices

Learn validated techniques that transform students from passengers in their education to active participants.

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Can you imagine building an environment full of motivated, engaged, and eager students who own their learning?
We can.

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