We believe that in order for each and every learner to achieve at higher levels they must own their learning. We believe that learners can be taught to own their learning. We know this to be true because of our combined 50+ years of experience working with students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

We believe that the focus of each and every classroom, school, and district should be elevating academic achievement by developing student ownership.

We believe that support for each stakeholder revolves around developing their ownership. Thus, our focus is on professional learning and not limited to professional development.

What’s the difference?

We believe that professional learning must…

  • Focus on student-centered learning, and not just as an afterthought or by-product.
  • Help educators be actively engaged in the learning rather than just participating.
  • Support educators with a series of integrated opportunities, not just a one-and-done presentation or workshop.
  • Ensure that developing ownership is at the center of all decision-making.

We believe that increased ownership leads to elevated achievement.

We believe that we can support you in developing learner ownership and elevating achievement—of students, teachers, and administrators.

We believe this to such a degree that we put it in our name. We want to be part of a professional group of educators that elevates student achievement—for each and every student—at your school or district. Your kids are our kids. Your success is our success.

True success in education requires that students go beyond just doing or understanding school—they must own their learning.

Can you imagine building an environment full of motivated, engaged, and eager students who own their learning?
We can.

Let us show you how

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