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2 06, 2020

How to Build Your Dream School


In this article, you will learn...

  • What your dream school could look like and sound like.
  • Instructional leadership is a skill that administrators can develop and is critical to elevating student achievement.
  • Where to find additional support for developing instructional leadership.
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2 06, 2020

How to Prepare for the Unknown


In this article, you will learn...

  • Education consistently goes through many types of changes, some planned, some controllable, and some unknowable.
  • Investing your resources in ensuring students have best, first instruction from their teachers is the strongest investment an administrator can make.
  • All student learning is driven by standards-based curriculum, efficient instruction, regular assessment, and a positive academic climate.
How to Prepare for the Unknown2021-04-25T22:16:46+00:00
2 06, 2020

Professional Development from the Eyes of the Teacher


In this article you will learn...

  • Elevated Achievement’s Learning Model is driven by the learner and answers the question—What does a learner need to know in order to better own their learning?
  • The Learning Model is made up of five learner-centered phases: setting the Learning Context, stating the Learning Outcome, engaging in the Learning Process, producing the Learning Demonstration, and implementing the Learning Application.
  • Teachers deserve the same well-planned opportunities for professional development as they give their own students.
Professional Development from the Eyes of the Teacher2021-04-25T21:55:37+00:00
13 04, 2020

Why Is Learnership the Skill for the 21st Century?


In this article, you will learn...

  • To be successful in a chosen career or any working environment our students need learnership.
  • Learnership is exemplified by someone who self-directs, self-evaluates, self-reflects, and self-controls their own learning.
  • Employers are looking for qualified candidates who can think critically, persevere, and communicate effectively—in other words, the qualities of true learnership.
Why Is Learnership the Skill for the 21st Century?2021-04-25T21:30:33+00:00
30 03, 2020

How to Transform Classroom Assessment


In this article, you will learn...

  • We as teachers can change our approach to assessment to one in which assessment becomes a tool for learning and our students become the best judge of their own knowledge and skills.
  • Learning is about change and we cannot assess what has changed in students’ minds, skills, or attitudes unless the students are an active part of the process.
  • Three strategic learning practices can greatly help students achieve ownership of assessment and thereby elevate their academic achievement.
How to Transform Classroom Assessment2021-04-25T21:16:21+00:00