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Learning for your child is much more than just completing the work their teachers have assigned. Learning also involves their understanding of:

  • what they are learning,
  • why they are learning it,
  • how they are learning it,
  • how to know if they are learning or struggling, and
  • how they will apply what they have learned into new ways.

We want children to think about their thinking, and to learn about their learning. This is called metacognition. This is the side of learning that will push your child to increased academic growth. And this is the side of learning that parents and caregivers can support each and every day. No matter the situation any adult can positively impact a child’s education by simply talking with their child about their learning.

The trick is to ask questions that gets kids talking. Questions that begin with why or how and require more than a yes or no answer are great conversation starters. Listen to what they say. Have them answer in complete sentences. Get them to explain their thinking.

In other words, support your child to own their learning by boosting their metacognition.

A Guide to Own It!

Research shows that students are more motivated and successful when they own what they are learning. In other words, students are owning what they are learning when they can answer these questions.

It is your role, as a parent/caregiver, to help your child find the answers. This Own It! guide will help you support your child in owning what they are learning.

The language of student ownership is academic and complex. It pushes students to use rich vocabulary to express what they are thinking about their learning. When children are listening and talking about student ownership, they are simultaneously expanding their oral language skills, building vocabulary, practicing metacognition, and explaining their academic achievements. Therefore, it is critical that it becomes part of your child’s everyday routine.

In other words, the more we talk with our children about their learning, the more they will have to say about their learning.

And we are here to help you.

We have more Own It! guides that will help you have these conversations with your child. Check them out.

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The Learning Brief

In this article you learned…
  • Metacognition is the side of learning that pushes students to increased academic growth, and it is the side of learning that parents and caregivers can support each and every day.
  • Parents and caregivers can support their child to own their learning by boosting their metacognition through conversations about their learning.
  • Where to find additional support for metacognitive conversations. (
Reading Time: 5 minutes

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