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58th Annual CAG Conference

Developing Student Ownership: Support Students to Move Beyond Doing and Understanding School to Owning Their Learning

Students are not merely passengers in their education. They deserve to go beyond just doing or understanding school—they deserve to own their learning. This means giving students the authority, capacity, and responsibility to know what they are learning and why, explain how they learn best, articulate when they are learning and when they are struggling, and understand their role in any academic setting. Learn engaging and research-based strategic learning practices that develop student ownership. | Download Presentation

Power Planning: Build Lessons That Support Student Ownership of Learning

Authentic learning is driven by student ownership. This means students have the authority, capacity, and responsibility to be the leaders in what they are learning and why. But this mindset requires teachers to be purposeful decision-makers throughout planning and delivery. Learn how to build daily lessons that allow students to take ownership of their learning through research-based strategies that support students to own the context, outcome, process, demonstration, and application of their learning. | Download Presentation