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Developing Student Ownership

Supporting Students to Own Their Learning through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices

by Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy

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Wouldn’t you love to walk into your own class full of motivated, engaged, and eager students who own their learning? How do we build an environment where students can say I like this classroom because here I get smarter every day? Is this a realistic goal, or is it just a pipe dream? Developing Student Ownership provides validated techniques that transform students from passengers in their education to active participants.

Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy combine 50+ years of research, consulting, and practical classroom experience to break down the practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and academic climate that increase the opportunities for learning. When you finish this guide, you’ll better understand how to help students:

  • Own what they are learning
  • Own how they are learning
  • Own how well they are learning
  • Own their role in class

Containing real classroom examples, self-assessment prompts and best practices, Developing Student Ownership is a comprehensive and functional guide no teacher will want to be without. Click here to read a sample chapter.

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What are people saying about Developing Student Ownership?

“I appreciated this book for its real-world applications and examples of student ownership of learning in the classroom. As a site principal, having a tool that provides context and practice in an accessible format for all is important to building a common language around what we can do to build a student-centered classroom and the impact on student learning.”

Rani Goyal, Principal, Fullerton Union High School

“The work as expressed in this book has changed the way we think about teaching and learning in general.  More specifically, it has colored greatly the way we help students take ownership for their learning through best teaching practices. Shoring up the foundation of best practice has paid great dividends towards enhanced student achievement.”

Dr. Kimberly J. Harris, CEO, K-8 Charter School

“The ideas in this book have helped me teach my third-graders how to be life-long learners.”

Nancy Schoonover, Teacher, El Dorado Adventist School

“Through the use of these practices, student ownership has increased tenfold! My students know what they are learning and how they are demonstrating it. Furthermore, they have become self aware of their learning process and can identify and articulate when they are struggling, so I can adjust my teaching in order for them to reach their academic endeavors.”

Maggie Crail, Teacher, Fullerton Union High School

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