20 10, 2020

Act Like a Child: How to Promote Curiosity


In this article you will learn…

  • That to support all students and make learning equitable, the academic environment needs to recognize, teach, and support behaviors that promote curiosity.
  • The classroom and teacher must make specific behaviors known to all students, acknowledge when students are exhibiting these behaviors, and nurture these behaviors in order to advance learning.
  • The strategies for promoting curiosity that can be used successfully at any grade level.
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6 04, 2020

How to Shift Students from Managed to the Managers


In this article, you will learn...

  • We as teachers need to change the traditional approach to classroom management to one that focuses less on the teacher’s rules and more on student’s role in the class.
  • It is critical for students to understand that, first and foremost, their role is to actively pursue their own learning while respectfully, cooperatively, and collaboratively helping others actively pursue theirs.
  • Three strategic learning practices can greatly help students achieve ownership of the academic climate and thereby elevate their academic achievement.
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