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Webinar: The 4 Actions of Instructional Leadership That Will Turn Your Dream School into a Reality

Elevated Achievement Group in collaboration with Learning Sciences International presents THE 4 ACTIONS OF INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP THAT WILL TURN YOUR DREAM SCHOOL INTO A REALITY.

Of all the hats a principal wears the most vital is that of instructional leader.  An instructional leader elevates achievement by equipping teachers with skills to empower students. An instructional leader respects each teacher as a learner and honors their individual learning process.  Learn practical feedback and reflection strategies that support professional growth.  Interact with research-based actions and practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and climate that foster teacher growth and increase student achievement.  Develop the actions of instructional leadership.

This LIVE and interactive webinar delivers key tools and resources while answering these questions:

  • Why is instructional leadership vital?
  • What are the actions of instructional leadership that support adults and, in turn, students?
  • How do you implement the actions of instructional leadership that build a community of ownership and achievement?

Watch Webinar  | Download Presentation

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